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Don’t Let Stinky Breath Keep You from Cuddling With Your Furry Companion

In pet animals, bad breath is NOT normal. It is actually a sign of dental disease, mouth infection, and tooth decay. Other signs of dental disease include trouble chewing, drooling, bleeding gums, facial swelling, and discolored or loose teeth. We’re here to help with your pet’s dental care needs!

Consider these facts:

  • By the age of 2 years old, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have dental disease
  • Oral disease is the number one health problem diagnosed in dogs and cats
  • Dental disease is painful for your pet
  • Regular veterinary exams and teeth cleanings can prevent tooth loss
  • In extreme cases of dental disease, bacteria can spread to the bloodstream and cause health problems with other organs.
  • A combination of routine daily home care and regular veterinary visits can reduce the chances of dental disease

Faulkville Animal Hospital provides professional veterinary dental care to keep your pet’s smile healthy and fresh! We offer professional dental cleanings as well as treatment for more advanced conditions, such as extraction of infected or broken and painful teeth. Dental services are performed under general anesthesia. Our patients’ safety is our first concern. Your pet will receive constant monitoring by a dedicated nurse anesthetist who tracks vital signs such as heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, and oxygenation throughout the procedure. Should your pet require more advanced procedures such as orthodontics or root canal, we can refer him or her to our local Board Certified Veterinary Dental Specialist.

Anesthesia Free Dental Cleanings / Non-Anesthetic ‘Dentals’

Anesthesia free dental procedures are not able to clean beneath the gum line to prevent periodontal disease. We are also unable to look beneath the gum-line to identify problems before they become painful. Left untreated, dental problems become more painful for your pet and more costly to treat. When choosing your pet’s dental care, it’s important to know that a comprehensive veterinary dental cleaning performed under anesthesia, also known as a professional dental cleaning, is the most effective way to clean your pet’s teeth and maintain his or her oral health.

Plaque and Tartar Control

Prevention of the most common oral disease in pets (and in people!) requires of frequent removal of the dental plaque and tartar. Occasional brushing by the groomer just won’t cut it. Daily home care such as brushing is essential to protecting your pet’s oral health. Faulkville Animal Hospital staff is prepared to teach you how to brush your pet’s teeth. We will offer recommendations on mouth care products that work. The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) awards its Seal of Acceptance to products that successfully meet pre-set criteria for effectiveness in controlling plaque and tartar deposition in dogs and cats. The VOHC is an entity of the American Veterinary Dental College. If you would like information on products that will help control deposition of dental plaque and tartar on the teeth of your pet, visit the Veterinary Oral Health Council.

Want to get back to snuggling up close with your furry companion and keep him or her comfortable and healthy?  Call us today at (912) 748-7800 to schedule a comprehensive head-to-tail exam so that we can help you treat and prevent your pet’s dental disease!