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Sam grew up on four acres of forest land in Pennsylvania, where she and her family enjoyed the company of everything from dogs and cats to hamsters, fish, and lizards. She’s had a passion for improving the lives of the earth’s creatures for as long as she can remember—being able to make a difference for the pet owners of the area is truly a dream come true for Sam!

Sam earned her Bachelor’s degree in animal biotechnology and conservation in May of 2008 and interned for the Tri-State Bird Rescue, the Philadelphia Zoo, and the National Zoo while in school. After graduating summa cum laude, she began working as a Pet Care Manager for PetSmart and transferred to a store in Texas upon moving there for her husband’s military career. When his job took the couple to Georgia, Sam took a year off to have her second child. She rejoined the workforce in March of 2015 when she became a member of the family here at Faulkville Animal Hospital.

As a Technician’s Assistant, Sam particularly enjoys radiography work and educating clients on the best possible care techniques for their animal companions. She’s also been passionate about animal rehabilitation since her days at the Tri-State Bird Rescue; watching an animal go from a point of great struggle to living a happy, normal life is the ultimate reward for her!

Outside of work, Sam enjoys reading, learning new things, crafting, baking, and spending time with her family and pets. She and her husband Jarod have two young sons, James and Isaac, and share their home with three dogs: Gunner, an Australian shepherd who loves playing Frisbee and chasing the boys; Daysie the Great Dane, who abhors the cold and will curl up in a blanket all day when the temperature dips; and Gizmo, a Great Dane puppy whose favorite chew toys are logs from the fire pit.