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Johnnie Clark - Faulkville Animal Hospital - Bloomingdale, GA


Veterinary Technical Support
Johnnie’s family always kept at least one pet around the house, so she grew up with animal care as a natural part of life. She’s always found comfort in the company of pets and wanted to do her part to give something back. Johnnie is able to do just that as a member of Faulkville Animal Hospital’s care team!
Erica Hixon - Faulkville Animal Hospital - Bloomingdale, GA


Practice Manager
After many years in the corporate business world, Erica started to feel that something was missing. She wanted to work in a position that allowed her to make a measurable contribution to the local community and truly see the fruits of her labor. Since she had always had a passion for animals, it didn’t take long for Erica to realize that the veterinary field was the perfect solution! Now, she’s proud to serve as Faulkville Animal Hospital’s Practice Manager.
Tammy Seigler - Faulkville Animal Hospital


Registered Veterinary Technician
Tammy has always known that she was meant to work with animals in some form or another. Plus, she’s had a passion for medicine ever since she can remember. For Tammy, a career in the veterinary field is truly a dream come true! She is a Registered Veterinary Technician here at Faulkville Animal Hospital.
Sophie Pfohl - Faulkville Animal Hospital - Bloomingdale, GA


Veterinary Technical Support
Sophie’s grandfather worked as a veterinarian in Starkville, Mississippi, and little Sophie was his shadow every time she would visit—some of her fondest memories are of tagging along on house or barn calls and spending time in his clinic. Sophie’s early experiences with animal care left her with no doubt: a career in the veterinary world was her true calling!
Bethany Long - Faulkville Animal Hospital - Bloomingdale, GA


Veterinary Technical Support
Bethany has had a soft spot in her heart for animals in need since she was young—she’s always known that a career in the world of animal medicine would be a great fit for her. Her participation in the Future Farmers of America organization during high school only further cemented her desire to work with pets. Now, Bethany tends to animals every day as a member of the Faulkville Animal Hospital team!